Exhibition Proposal



After Nightfall aims to bring into question the void reality inherent to present days. It trys to plant the viewer in a place with no defined physical borders where the human figure is felt but not seen… where the black and the darkness act as elements which reduce apprehensiveness to a narrow portion of what’s portrayed and where the key elements of the images should not serve singly as indicators to what’s the artist proposal. The intention is to set the spectator in an open platform where he’s invited to calmly build a narrative.


This photographs where made in northern Portugal where the photographer lives. He wandered the streets close to his home on what was first a pure aesthetic exercise while searching for mundane elements that could somehow later be connected. Soon he realized that deviating from that process he could transform the result of his work into a larger amalgam of significances and instead of trying to create a story he decided to use Photography as a medium to presente a concept. Intentionally not leading the viewer to what he should perceive the artist pushes that same viewer into thinking and making his own assumptions.


In a world full of pictures were every picture trys somehow to narrow your vision one can say that gains more importance the process of giving persons the hability to question what they see.



About the Author

José Carlos Marques, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, 1980.

Lives and works in his hometown.


He has a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication Technology (Polytechnic Institute of Porto – 2002) and an Honors degree in Photography (Polytechnic Institute of Porto – 2004).

After two curricular internships at the Póvoa de Varzim City Hall (2003) and the publication Jornal de Notícias (2004), and two professional internships at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto Photography Services (2005 and 2006/2007), he continued his career as a freelance photographer.


His images are published in several newspapers, magazines and books.



Phone Number: (+351) 965 795 448





Photographs and Technical Specifications

The exhibition consists in 20 artist prints with the following specifications:

– Black and white inkjet print on paper (Hahnemuhle Fine Art – Baryta 100% cellulose – 325 gsm) mounted in Foam Core;

– Individual image size: 50 W x 75 H cm.


The gallery should be responsible for arrangements inherent to assembly and disassembly of the pictures on the wall in the following order:



Shipment and Handling

Images will be wrapped individually in glassine paper and shiped inside a cardboard box. Bubble wrap will envolve all the content of that box to prevent any damage from happen.


The artist should be responsible for shipping the prints to the exhibition location. Return costs should be covered by the gallery.


The gallery should be responsible for arrangements inherent to unpackaging and repackaging of the pictures.




Photographs are available for sale in limited editions of 2 copies with the following specifications:

– Black and white inkjet print on paper (Hahnemuhle Fine Art – Baryta 100% cellulose – 325 gsm);

– Individual image size: 54 W x 79 H cm (with a 2 cm white margin to facilitate framing process).


Regardless the gallery fees each copie should sale for the price of 650 USD$.


Sold images will be wrapped in glassine paper and shiped in a tube directly from artist to buyer.


Production and shipment costs are included on the price.


The artist is open to proposals that difference from this.




No insurance is required but the author should be promptly informed if any damage is detected in one or several images.




Information to divulge the exhibition is available for download at the following links:


About the Author;

Artist Portrait;

Image to be used in poster, postcard, flyer and others.



Other Considerations

All advertisement material should be released to the artist in digital form prior to the exhibition opening date.


The gallery should be responsible for providing the artist with a minimum of 4 photographs showing different views of the mounted exhibition.


This proposal is available for download at the following link:

Exhibition Proposal.